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03B-04B, E3 Area, Zibo CCIH Zichuan, Shandong, China
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Manager, Emma

E-mail: emma@honortile.com      WhatsApp: +86 15335331305

Supervisor, Lisa

E-mail: sale08@honortile.com      WhatsApp: +86 15315214005

Supervisor, Anna

E-mail: sale03@honortile.com      WhatsApp: +86 18560329396

Sales, Ariel

E-mail: sale07@honortile.com      WhatsApp: +86 18560956362

Sales, Crystal

E-mail: crystal@honortile.com      WhatsApp: +86 18678191786

Sales, Helen

E-mail: helen@honortile.com     WhatsApp: +86 18560277986

Supervisor, Jack

E-mail: jack@honorceramic.com   WhatsApp: +86 15966966313

Sales, Jim

E-mail: jim@honortile.com     WhatsApp: +86 13345236462

Sales, Tom

E-mail: joyce@honortile.com     WhatsApp: +86 13864342391

Sales, Jacky

E-mail: jackyliu@honortile.com   WhatsApp: +86 15866284624 

Sales, Kroos

E-mail: caroline@honortilecom      WhatsApp: +86 18560956330

Sales, John

E-mail: sale30@honortile.com      WhatsApp: +86 15853389920
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