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Dark Matte Tiles.jpg
Dark Matte Tiles

The following recommendations are all dark-colored tiles, and many people may still prefer light-colored tiles to dark-colored tiles. But for a large area of space ground, dark tiles are more advantageous.1. Dark tiles are more resistant to dirt, and darker floors of shopping malls are more resistan

Bring Nature Home --- Wood Grain Tiles.jpg
Bring Nature Home --- Wood Grain Tiles

Compared with wooden floor tiles, tiles really have many advantages. There are many colors and textures of ceramic tiles. Now almost all colors and textures of ceramic tiles can be produced in the market, which can meet the needs of most customers.The tiles are easy to care for and easy to clean.Lon

Why Choose Whole Body Marble Tiles?.jpg
Why Choose Whole Body Marble Tiles?

In the porcelain body, the color, texture effect and function of the whole body marble tile are infinitely close to the quantitative change of natural marble rock, and the lines are more delicate and three-dimensional.

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