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Ceramic Tile Design Of Delicate Gray Space Personalized
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Ceramic Tile Design Of Delicate Gray Space Personalized

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People who pay attention to fashion must have heard of the concept of "delicate gray". In recent years, delicate gray has invaded various fields of fashion, design and home furnishing. It is a remarkable leader in all colors. It gives infinite imagination to space. It expounds its own characteristics and personality all the time with a low-key and shocking beauty.


When gray and gold medal met again, the classic stone samples produced personalized ceramic tiles with strong artistic decoration effect due to abstraction, reinforcement and curvilization under the processing of design and color.

There are no other colors and complex textures, close to single-colored tile but looks like natural marble, delicate and unique, without roughness, the grey polished/glazed porcelain tiles has very good permeability, low water absorption, uniform, stable, compact and safe.


The living room is the facade of a home and the presentation of the owner's taste and fun of life. The collocation of gray system can instantly improve the style of home and make the whole living room full of fashion, simple and luxury. The personalized ceramic tiles with high gray tone can be easily controlled, whatever as floor tone or wall decoration.

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The delicate gray with different color levels has distinct layers and staggered depth. It contains elegance in a low-key, creating a deep balance of space. It can easily create a popular modern luxury and fashionable home environment through personalized ceramic tiles.



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