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Customer stocking arrangements

Affected by various factors such as national carbon emission control policies, electricity price adjustments, rising raw material prices, and rising natural gas prices, production costs have risen sharply. Now our company has decided to adjust the price of the product, please make arrangements for s

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New product launch-Mirabella 300X600/600X600 floor paving

Mirabella floor paving is a green building material product with frost resistance, acid and alkali resistance, no peeling, no radiation, aging resistance, no light pollution, good construction effect, reasonable cost, returning to the original and returning to nature, and can be widely used Used in

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Introduction to Honor Tile

Zibo Honor ceramic tile company is located in Zibo city, Shandong, China, with 18 years experience, we are serving over 50 countries all over the world, such as Australia, Korea, Japan, middle East, south east Asia, and Africa, also we have more than 200 distributors in China.

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