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Why Are Marble Tiles Popular in The Market?
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Why Are Marble Tiles Popular in The Market?

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Marble tiles imitate natural marble. The texture, color, feeling and visual effect fully achieve the realistic effect of natural marble, and the decorative effect is even better than natural stone. It is precisely because it has the advantages that natural marble does not have. Trusted and respected by consumers.


Cheaper Alternative to Genuine Marble Tiles – Genuine marble tiles are truly a sight to behold, but there’s no denying they’re exceptionally expensive, especially if you are looking to cover a large surface with them. This is where marble effect tiles come into their own, as they boast the same aesthetics, with a much more affordable price tag. Many interior designers and homeowners are making the switch to marble effect tiles, thanks to their reasonable price point and ease of maintenance!

Easy to Maintain – When it comes to maintenance, you will struggle to find anything that is easier to maintain than marble effect tiles. Whilst it’s no secret that caring for genuine marble is pretty simple if you are in the market for a tiling solution that requires absolutely no maintenance at all, then marble effect is definitely for you. We like to use the expression that marble effect floor tiles offer a ‘lay it and leave it’ option, which is ideal for those who have exceptionally busy schedules.


Boast Stunning Aesthetics – There’s no denying the stunning aesthetics that genuine marble effect tiles bring to your home, but those same aesthetics can be found in marble effect tiles too.

Great For Floors and Walls – Marble effect tiles are ideal for both floors and walls thanks to their versatile properties. Marble effect floor tiles have robust properties and are perfectly suited to areas of high footfall within the home and even within businesses. If you are looking to create a seamless look throughout your home with tiles, then marble effect wall tiles paired with floor tiles can create a truly stunning and grand feel throughout your home.

In general, marble tiles have the following three advantages:

1. Marble tiles are formed by mechanical high pressure molding and calcined at high temperature. The glaze surface is fine and smooth, with good waterproof and anti-dirty performance, which is helpful to maintenance and cleaning, and is also conducive to the protection of decorative effects.

2. The scarcity of resources is another essential problem of natural marble, and the supply of marble tiles is stable, and the price is much cheaper than that of natural marble.

3. Natural marble has low flexural strength and is easy to break, while marble tiles do not have these shortcomings.


What Are The Most Popular Styles Of Marble Effect Tiles On The Market?

Now that you understand some of the key benefits that marble effect tiles can bring to your home, you may be wondering what the most popular sizes and styles of this particular tile are.

When it comes to marble effect tiles, you’ll often find that many homeowners will install the large format version of them within their home. There are actually a number of reasons for this, with large format tiles themselves growing in popularity in recent years, thanks to their aesthetic qualities. Pairing up the undeniable style of a marble effect with the robust properties of large format tiles is truly a match made in heaven.

Large format tiles have soared in popularity thanks to their extra-large size, which inevitably means that fewer tiles are required to complete a truly stunning look within your home. Their size is a huge benefit for anyone who is in a rush to install their new interior style, as the installation time when working with large format floor tiles is cut down significantly.

Along with this, large format tiles are actually thinner and lighter than other conventional tiles, and despite this, they are actually more hard-wearing thanks to their porcelain properties. When purchasing large format wall tiles or floor tiles, you can rest assured they will stand the test of time, no matter where you place them within your home, indoor or outdoor.


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