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Detailed List Of Tile Classification
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Detailed List Of Tile Classification

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1. Classification by product:

1. Ceramics, tiles, floor tiles, wall tiles, floor tiles;

2. Whole body bricks, glazed bricks, vitrified bricks;

3. Imitation stone brick, imitation wood brick, imitation jade brick, imitation cloth brick, imitation metal;

4. Polished crystal bricks, polished gold bricks, K gold bricks, gold leaf bricks, microcrystalline stones,

5. Full polished glaze, super flat glaze

6. Polished tiles, microcrystalline stones, fully polished glaze

7. Wood grain bricks, leather grain bricks, stone grain bricks, metal bricks,

8. Antique bricks, tiles, solid color bricks

9. Ceramic tiles: floor tiles, wall tiles, flower tiles, flower tiles

2. Second, according to the production process:

Mainly divided into glazed tiles, unglazed tiles, whole body tiles, polished tiles

Glazed tiles: Porcelain tiles with zirconium white base glaze, protective glaze, transparent glaze and other glaze media on the surface of the body;

Unglazed tiles: Porcelain tiles that are directly fired without applying various glazes on the surface of the body;

Whole body brick: glazed brick and unglazed brick that the tile body is colored by cloth, seepage and other processes

Polished tiles: Refers to the tiles whose surface has undergone a polishing process.

3. Classification by space:

Kitchen tiles, living room tiles, dining room tiles, balcony tiles, bathroom tiles, study tiles, bedroom tiles, background wall tiles, stairwell tiles

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