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Have you chosen the right bricks for your home? come and see!
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Have you chosen the right bricks for your home? come and see!

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"Hey, what do you think is a good choice for this tile? And how to put it on to look good? What should I pay attention to?..."

Have you chosen the right bricks for your home come and see!

Selecting tiles is like fighting monsters to upgrade, one level after another. To sum up, there are three costs: money, energy, and time. The effect is not necessarily satisfactory, but once the tiles are cleared, sorry, it is difficult for the kitchen and bathroom to be ugly.

One. To deal with choice phobia, which brick should you choose?

This should be a headache for most people before buying bricks. When you go to the building materials market, you can hear various classifications of ceramic tiles: polished tiles, glazed tiles, microcrystalline stone whole-body tiles, antique tiles... stop, stop , I'm just a consumer!

One. To deal with choice phobia, which brick should you choose?

1. Ceramic Piece

In the past, a traditional ceramic tile with high water absorption rate, very cheap, smooth and light, is suitable for wet and dirty walls such as kitchens, bathrooms, balconies, etc., also known as kitchen and bathroom tiles. It's not strong enough, though, and it's a little less durable.

2. whole body tiles

This tile has good wear resistance and good slip resistance. However, the appearance is not high enough, and the surface is relatively rough. It is often used in balconies and kitchens, and is rarely used in bedrooms, living rooms and other places where the appearance needs to be displayed.

whole body tiles

3. Polished Tiles

After the surface of the whole body brick is polished, it evolves into a polished brick. Polished tiles are very bright, smooth surface, high hardness, not easy to scratch, suitable for living rooms and balconies, but they are easily contaminated, so they cannot be used in bathrooms and kitchens.

Polished Tiles

4. Polished Glazed Tiles

Glaze is applied to the surface of polished tiles and vitrified tiles, and various beautiful colors are processed, that is, glazed tiles. The glazed tile has a good anti-slip effect and is suitable for kitchens and bathrooms. It has many colors and high appearance. But it is not wear-resistant, not hard enough, and the price is a little higher than that of ceramic tile polished vitrified tiles.

Polished Glazed Tiles

Two. Tile size small summary

After you have selected your favorite tiles, you should also pay attention to the specifications of the tiles when you buy them: Kitchen and balcony: choose 300*300 for small area, 300*600 or 600*600 for large area.

Bathroom: The floor is usually 300*300, 400*400, and the wall is 300*300, 300*450, 300*600.


Living room: choose larger tile specifications, such as 800*800, 600*1200

Living room


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