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Honor Tile Interprets Light And Simple Fashion
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Honor Tile Interprets Light And Simple Fashion

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Home is not just a home for us to soothe our tiredness, but also a spiritual place to cleanse the world and rest our souls. With a colorful flower arrangement on hand and a freehand watercolor on the wall, you can enjoy the physical and mental joy brought by the comfortable atmosphere, and life is full of fun.

Honor Tile Interprets Light And Simple Fashion-1

1.The color of the whole house is based on "grey and white wood", and the design is guided by comfort and nature. Modern design elements are added to the space, and a relaxed and comfortable living space is created through the minimalist and generous space layout.

Honor Tile Interprets Light And Simple Fashion-2


ML12001: Negative Ion Whole Body Marble 600*1200MM

The whole body is white with light gray lines, and it is minimalist to meet your interior decoration needs.

ML12001: Negative Ion Whole Body Marble 600*1200MM

2.The TV background wall is made of arctic silver-gray stone, and the dark gray delicate and interlaced texture forms a light and dark contrast with the TV cabinet. With the soothing texture of the log cabinet frame, the quiet space is more elegant and warm.



ML12008: Negative ion whole body marble 600*1200MM

Light grey full body tiles carry white lines and amplify the interior space


3.The dining room continues the overall effect of the living room. The design of the log retaining wall and the ceiling on the top adopts the same material elements to extend the visual perception. The wood-colored dining table and island are integrated, with an open space design, and the living room, dining room, and western kitchen are connected to each other, creating a warm and high-quality living space.



ML12033: Negative ion whole body marble 600*1200MM

Gold Calacatta, the background color is white and delicate, and the hazy gold lines in the texture make the fresh and elegant space more unique.


4.With light gray as the main tone, the walls and floors are used, the white vertical stripes are fashionable and fresh, and the flower and foot lines are embellished, creating a unique geometric beauty for the simple space, and enjoying the pleasing and elegant time every day.



ML12010: anion flux marble 600 * 1200MM

Elegant gray and white color matching is full of modern sense, but also let the space is more delicate and fresh



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