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How to choose bathroom tiles
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How to choose bathroom tiles

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Whether it is choosing tiles for a brand new bathroom design, or remodeling an existing bathroom room. Choosing the right material will protect the wall behind the bathtub, shower and basin. If you want, you can also decorate the surroundings. For example, natural stone, ceramics, porcelain and glass, plus a variety of shapes to complete the space decoration. Use our guide to discover the best tiles to use in your bathroom.


Ceramic tiles are one of the main choices for bathroom walls and floors, which can bring charming colors, patterns, textures, and natural appearances. Our bathroom tile guide will ensure you choose the right one.

How to choose bathroom tiles (1)

  • How to choose the material of bathroom tiles

Considering the condensed water and splashes in the bathroom, we excluded some tile materials, but we still have many options. Stone tiles or artificial tiles are particularly popular nowadays. Natural stone has certain characteristics, but the maintenance requirements for stone are high, and the stone needs to be resealed to protect it. Generally speaking, if you want to decorate the bathroom within your budget, artificial tiles are a good choice.


  • Natural stone bathroom tiles

The marble pattern is rich and gorgeous, so it attracts people's attention. According to your preferences, the color of the stone can be selected from dark to light colors, as well as subtle and eye-catching texture patterns. Both floor and wall marble tiles can be used, but sanding marble on the floor should be avoided. Make sure to seal properly and remove spills immediately-please consult our guide on the best care of floor tiles to help your marble floor stay shiny. There are two types of marble:


  • Travertine: Has a warm tone. Although the stone has natural pits that make the tiles unique, the filled travertine is chosen to prevent water penetration. It can be used for floor tiles and wall tiles, but it should be sealed to protect the stone.

  • Limestone: enduring for a long time. Pale finishes (which still look warm) are popular, but the colors can also be dark. The stone should be sealed. Limestone is softer than other natural stones, so it may be scratched. Therefore, it is best to keep it on the floor of the attached bathroom, not the family bathroom.

How to choose bathroom tiles (2)

  • Artificial bathroom tiles

Ceramic tiles are an economical space covering and are easy to maintain. They are not as wear-resistant as tiles, but the bathroom is not a place with heavy traffic, so it can be placed on the floor or on the wall. However, be sure to confirm whether the ceramic tiles you are interested in are suitable for laying on the floor.

Ceramic tiles are denser than ceramics, very wear-resistant and easy to maintain. They are suitable for floors and walls.

Glossy bricks reflect light, if you are designing a small bathroom, then glossy bricks will be a good choice because they will make the space bigger and brighter. Another advantage of the glossy finish is that it is easy to wipe. However, the disadvantage is that stains are prone to appear on the surface of the glossy tiles.

Matte tiles include those that look like other materials, such as cement, stone, and wood, as well as simple non-luminous finishes. One advantage of matte tiles is that they are not so easy to produce watermarks.

How to choose bathroom tiles (3)

  • How to choose tiles for bathroom walls and floors

The same tile can usually be used on bathroom floors and walls-most commonly natural stone or porcelain. The effect is as smooth as a spa, if you use light tones, you can increase the brightness of the space.


If you want to use glossy tiles on the walls and maintain a continuous appearance, look for a product line of the same tiles that provide a matte finish to the floor to avoid the risk of slipping without sacrificing continuity.


You can also consider using the same tiles, but with subtle changes in different formats. For example, you can choose squares for the floor and rectangles for the walls, and vice versa.


If you like the idea of comparing wall tiles and floor tiles, there are more options. Try to color the walls and choose other colors on the floor; dark floor tiles and light-colored walls make room cleaning easier.

How to choose bathroom tiles (4)

  • Create decorative effects with bathroom tiles

Using the same tiles on all tiled walls in the bathroom is just one possible strategy. The shower wall may become a feature in the patterned tiles, or become a tile with contrasting colors or shapes-or in the same way make the wall above the sink a unique charm.

How to choose bathroom tiles (5)

  • Small bathroom tiles

Although you will learn a lot about the choice of tiles, the size of the tiles should not depend on the size of the bathroom. A small bathroom can actually use large tiles. Fewer grout lines can make the walls and floors neater and visually enlarge the room. Of course, smaller tiles should not be ruled out, they can decorate even the smallest bathrooms.


Don't think that reflective tiles are suitable for smaller bathroom walls. This is not only a problem of gloss rather than matt, but also requires the use of light colors. Find more tips in our guide to choose the right size tiles for small bathrooms.

How to choose bathroom tiles (6)

  • Choose the best grout for bathroom tiles

Modern bathroom tiles provide more than just white grout. When choosing grouting, we should also consider using color grouting. The joints of tiles of different colors will have different effects. Here are some of our thoughts:

How to choose bathroom tiles (7)

Contrast the color of the grout with the color of the tiles, Using beige wall tiles can make the bathroom warmer!

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