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How To Choose The Tiles That Suit You?
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How To Choose The Tiles That Suit You?

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Characteristics of ceramic tiles: Ceramic tiles are man-made materials and are very homogeneous. And after decades of development, the technology is mature and stable; there are many types of tiles in the market, such as polished tiles, glazed tiles, Ceramic tiles, tiles, and microcrystalline stones; the colors and patterns on the surface of tiles are more abundant. 4. The tiles have high strength and hardness, and can be used for a long time. There is no problem for 5-10 years; it is easy to take care of, just wipe it with a dry mop for daily cleaning!

Everyone must consider the characteristics of different spaces when purchasing tiles. For example, the tiles in the living room must be non-slip and wear-resistant, and the tiles used in the bathroom must take into account the anti-slip and anti-fouling effects. Safety.

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