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How To Match The Tile Style?
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How To Match The Tile Style?

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Characteristics of Classic Tile

What makes a classic style, well, classic? First, you’ll notice that most timeless tiles have a neutral, earthy, or muted color palette. Black and white is one standard color scheme, but other colors you might notice in classic tile patterns are light gray and tan or brown shades. In many cases, these tiles are made from stone, concrete, or terracotta. Glass is a newer tile material that is considered more modern and contemporary.

These classic tiles colors and materials are often laid in traditional mosaic and grid patterns that display repetition or employ traditional art themes. With timeless tile, these repetitive patterns are meant to serve as a soothing backdrop that connects all of the design elements in the room. The tiles isn’t intended to stand out or be the focal point of the space.

1. Modern simple style

Modern simple style is one of the most common styles of home decoration. It is characterized by simplicity, lightness, practicality and generosity. It is mainly simple in design and layout.

Ceramic tile collocation skills: the ceramic tiles with this style should choose simple and simple light tone ceramic tiles, wood grain or solid color polished bricks, beige/Grey vitrified bricks are good choices as far as possible; Simple and neat straight small patterns or fashionable avant-garde colors can be used. In marble ceramic tiles products, rainbow wood grain, pearl white and Laurent black can show a simple but not simple modern sense.

Modern simple style (1)
Modern simple style (2)

2. Simple European style

The simple European style combines the romantic feelings of nostalgia with the needs of modern people for life, compatible with luxury, elegance and modern fashion, and reflects the rational emotion and cultural artistic conception of contemporary art.

Ceramic tile matching skills: polished tiles or rustic matte tiles can be selected for simple European style tiles. Compared with polished tiles, rustic matt tiles have texture and can play a certain anti-skid effect. Therefore, owners with elderly and children at home choose rustic tiles as the best.

Simple European style
Simple European style

3. Rustic style

Rustic style focuses on returning to nature, reflecting the vicissitudes of nature and ancient texture. It is a style close to nature and yearning for nature.

Ceramic tiles matching skills: in the selection of ceramic tiles, you can choose imitation wood ceramic tiles or antique bricks based on solid wood texture and color, which has the effect of wood grain and reflects a clear and beautiful decoration style. Choose light color system in shades, such as white, light beige, solid color, etc.

Rustic style
Rustic style

4. Mediterranean style

Mediterranean decoration style pursues a fresh, natural and original feeling, and likes to show some concave convex and rough feeling. Therefore, in terms of ceramic tiles texture, we can't choose relatively smooth ceramic tiles, try to choose blue and white and other light tone ceramic tiles, and natural matte rustic matt tiles, mosaics and other ceramic tiles are the most suitable.

Mediterranean style
Mediterranean style

5. Chinese style

The composition of Chinese style is mainly reflected in traditional furniture, decorations and decorative colors dominated by black and red. Symmetrical layout is mostly adopted in the room, with elegant style, simple and beautiful shape, thick and mature colors.

Ceramic tile matching skills: antique tiles that are most easy to create a classical atmosphere are more consistent with the Chinese style. Choose dark and gray antique bricks, and the pattern should not be too fine. Beige antique bricks can be selected for the background wall, and the one with concave and convex texture is better; The bathroom adopts warm color series rustic tiles, such as beige; Or choose stone proof, wood-like polished tiles and retro dark glazed tiles, which are good choices.

Chinese style
Chinese style


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