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Tiles - Timeless Beauty Flooring At An Affordable Price!
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Tiles - Timeless Beauty Flooring At An Affordable Price!

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What’S The Difference? Ceramic Vs Porcelain Vs Stone

Ceramic tiles are made of clay that is fired under high temperatures to form a hard, moisture-resistant surface. They can be glazed with a smooth, decorative surface that is also fired in a kiln, allowing for a very wide range of decorative possibilities- they can be any colour of the rainbow, or painted with simple or intricate patterns to really make an impact!

Porcelain tiles are also ceramic tiles, but they have been made of a particularly high- quality ceramic clay. They are also fired at a higher temperature than ceramic, resulting in a tile surface that is moisture-proof. To be classified as porcelain, a ceramic tile must have an absorption rate of less than 0.5%. Porcelain tile is also stronger than ceramic, and is very unlikely to crack or chip, even under heavy daily use. It also can be glazed with any colour or pattern, making it a versatile and hard-working choice for your home!

Stone tile is taken from the earth in quarries, and then carefully sliced into tiles. Those tiles are then sanded down to the desired finish, ranging from a rustic honed or hammered appearance to the perfectly smooth, reflective surface of marble or quartz. Applying a sealer will create a water-resistant surface suitable for most household uses.

Tiles in the Bathroom Probably the bathroom is the first place you will think of using tiles in your home. This high-moisture environment makes moisture-resistant or impervious surfaces a great choice! And there are so many ways to use them! You can just tile your floor with a basic ceramic tile, creating a durable and attractive floor for this high-traffic room. If you’re feeling more adventurous, you could top your countertop and face the backsplash with a complementary tile. Go even further, and wrap the walls of your bathtub or shower enclosure with either a wall of luminous glass mosaic tiles or a pattern of various sizes and colours for a truly original look. You can even cover all the walls of the bathroom in tiles of your choice!

Whether your DIY skills are strong enough to take on this task on your own, or you hire professionals, tiling is a surprisingly affordable way to turn your bathroom into a spa-like retreat. And with the wide variety of available finishes, colours, and patterns, your imagination is really the only limit.

Tiles - Timeless Beauty Flooring At An Affordable Price!-1

Tiles - Timeless Beauty Flooring At An Affordable Price!

Tiles for the Kitchen A kitchen finished with gleaming tiles is always a sight to behold, whether they cover the floor or just the counters and backsplash. Porcelain and stone tiles are a surprisingly affordable alternative to the slabs of granite and marble that are so popular today. With 24” porcelain tiles, you can cover your countertops with remarkably few grout lines and have a strong, durable and beautiful countertop at a fraction of the price of a solid slab! For the backsplash, either make a strong statement with mosaic tiles or keep it neutral with the now-classic subway tiles.

Tile floors in kitchens continue to be a popular choice as well. Rustic or country-style kitchens are well-suited to stone or unglazed ceramic floors, although you will want to seal them to protect against the inevitable spills that will happen in a kitchen. Modern design also uses either dark, matte floors or polished marble or granite to make a big impact.

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Tiles - Timeless Beauty Flooring At An Affordable Price

Tiles in the Rest of the Home While wall-to-wall carpeting is often the go-to solution in your basement family or media room, consider installing tile instead. Basements can be a problem for many types of flooring. Higher moisture levels can damage hardwood or laminate floors. One bad flood and you will have to rip out and replace carpeting or wood planks. You also need to install adding or a wooden subfloor before laying carpet or wood. On the other hand, you can apply tiles directly to a clean and level concrete sub-floor, and easily install an in-floor heating system before tiling to keep that floor nice and warm in winter! You can then layer the floor with an area rug to cozy up the space. It can easily be switched out for a new rug to change the look without going to the expense of redoing the whole floor.

Laundry and utility rooms are another place where having a moisture-proof floor makes a lot of sense. Whether this space is located off of your kitchen or basement family room, continuing your tiled floor into these rooms will create a sense of continuity and provide the perfect floor surface for this hard-working space!

Finally, a tile floor makes a great introduction to your home. Your front foyer and mudroom will both benefit from the use of tile. Muddy feet are no match for a slate or granite natural stone floor, or tough porcelain or ceramic tiles!


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