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What Is The Difference Between Glazed And Polished Tiles?
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What Is The Difference Between Glazed And Polished Tiles?

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Glazed tile: Glazed tile is a tile whose surface has been glazed. Generally speaking, glazed tiles are richer in color and pattern than Polished Tile, and at the same time play an anti-fouling role. However, because the surface of glazed tiles is glaze, the wear resistance is not as good as that of polished tiles. Classification is divided into ceramic glazed tiles and porcelain glazed tiles according to raw materials. According to the different luster, it is divided into two kinds: matt and bright. Scope of application The kitchen should use bright glazed tiles, not matt glazed tiles, because oil stains enter the brick surface, which is difficult to clean. Glazed tiles are also suitable for bathroom balconies, etc.

What Is The Difference Between Glazed And Polished Tiles

Full Polished Floor Tile: olished Tile is a brick made of whole body brick after grinding and polishing. Compared with the rough surface of the whole body brick, Full Polished Floor Tile brick is much smoother. This brick has high hardness and is very wear-resistant. On the basis of the use of infiltration technology, Full Polished Floor Tile can make various imitation stone and wood imitation effects. Classification can be divided into infiltration type Full Polished Floor Tile, micro powder type Full Polished Floor Tile , multi-tube cloth olished Tile , microcrystalline stone. The scope of application can be used in most indoor spaces except the bathroom and kitchen.


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