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What is the effect of wood grain tiles
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What is the effect of wood grain tiles

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Are you still entangled in tile or wood flooring?


Ceramic or porcelain tiles, cool and comfortable in summer, biting in winter, wear-resistant and easy to take care of...


The wooden floor has a warm and moist foot feel throughout the year, and the appearance is just...

What is the effect of wood grain tiles (1)

The more the contrast, the more entangled, I especially want a "product" that can not only make up for the problems of wooden floors, but also have the visual texture of wooden floors.


Luckily, there is indeed such a wood-grain tile, which is the "imitator" of wood flooring.

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1. What is a wood grain tile?


Wood-grain tiles are a kind of ceramic tiles under the category of antique tiles, which can be divided into glazed tiles and split tiles. The surface of glazed tiles is bumpy, while the surface of split tiles is smoother. In addition, the specifications of wood-grain tiles It is also consistent with the wooden floor, which is basically a long strip.


Ps: At present, the wood-grain tiles on the market are mainly glazed tiles. When selecting, you need to pay attention to the less repeated texture of the brick surface, the better, and it also has the uneven texture of the log. Finally, check the quality certificate and consult the after-sales problem. Only when the quality is clear and the after-sales guarantee is guaranteed.

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2. What kind of family is suitable for wood grain tiles?


Through the understanding of wood-grain tile, its essence is ceramic tiles, but the surface is "put on" a layer of wooden texture. So what family is it suitable for?


1. Lazy or no time


Wooden floors not only require attention to cleaning and cleaning, but also require regular maintenance. For those who covet the appearance of wooden floors but are too lazy to take care of them, wood-grain tiles are undoubtedly the best alternative, for those who have no extra energy. The same is true.

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3. Humidity on the first floor in the south


Wooden floors are afraid of humidity and are prone to mold and deformation in a damp environment for a long time. Usually, they can only choose to lay bricks. The appearance of wood-grain bricks gives more choices on the first floor.


4. Decoration budget


Antique tiles will be more expensive than ordinary tiles, but for the more expensive wood floors, the price advantage of wood-grain tiles is still very large. The specific price should also be determined according to the grade of wood-grain tiles.


In addition, if the decoration budget is not enough, it is recommended to choose ordinary tiles, such as light gray full-body tiles, which also have a very strong sense of fashion and high quality, but you really like the texture of wood, and you can still start with gritted teeth.

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Third, the advantages of wood-grain tile


1. Texture


The texture effect of wood-grain tile is almost the same as that of wooden floors, but for poor-quality wood-grain tile, its texture will be relatively dull, and the texture will be repeated.


2. Wear resistance


Although the wood floor has a certain degree of hardness, it will still leave scratches on the surface if there are too many small bumps. In the end, the tile floor is more wear-resistant, and there is no fear of bumps.

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3. Waterproof, moisture-proof and fireproof


Wood grain tiles are water proof, moisture proof and fire proof. Compared with wooden floors, even mopping the floor must first wring out the water on the mop, because too wet can easily cause the wooden floor to become damp and moldy.


4. Cleaning and maintenance


Usually mopping the floor, the wooden floor can not be directly used with a wet mop, and regular waxing care is required, while the wood-grain tile can be directly used with a wet mop, there is no particular emphasis.

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4. Should wood grain tiles be beautifully sewn?


As long as it is a tile, it needs a beautiful seam.


And what color of beautifying agent should be used for wood grain tiles?


It is generally recommended to choose white or wood grain tiles with the same color. White beauty joints are like dividing lines to make the ground more layered, while wood grain tiles of the same color can create a "wood floor". Sense of sight.


Wood grain tiles have the characteristics of tiles and the appearance of wooden floors. In the field application, the effect is also very good. Would you choose it to pave the floor?


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